Dale Guild Type Foundry

Pulling together the proprietary casters, and equipment of American Type Founders auctioned in 1992, Theo Rehak set about carrying on the great tradition of type casting in the United States. As the last employee hired by ATF to learn the secrets of the Barth foundry caster, matrix engraving, and fitting, Rehak represented the end of an era. The reigns have passed to a younger generation in Micah Slawinski Currier. Micah is mastering casters and matrix production, and types are being cast from historic ATF matrices, as well as those newly engraved.

You can find more information on the Dale Guild here: http://thedaleguild.com/ (dead).

It’s no news at this late date, but several tears ago, young Micah bailed on the operation of the foundry, left things in a lurch, and all the materials and equipment were sold, containerized, and shipped to Belgium.

And so ends the great tradition of type founding in America. It goes out with not a bang, but a whimper. Sad.