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Dale Guild Type Foundry

No longer in operation

Pulling togeth­er the pro­pri­etary cast­ers, and equip­ment of Amer­i­can Type Founders auc­tioned in 1992, Theo Rehak set about car­ry­ing on the great tra­di­tion of type cast­ing in the Unit­ed States. As the last employ­ee hired by ATF to learn the secrets of the Barth foundry cast­er, matrix engrav­ing, and fit­ting, Rehak rep­re­sent­ed the end of an era. The reigns have passed to a younger gen­er­a­tion in Mic­ah Slaw­in­s­ki Cur­ri­er. Mic­ah is mas­ter­ing cast­ers and matrix pro­duc­tion, and types are being cast from his­toric ATF matri­ces, as well as those new­ly engraved.

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