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Fundicion Tipografica Neufville/ Bauersche Gießerei

We’ve received an email from Wolf­gang Hart­mann, Direc­tor of Neufville/Bauer con­firm­ing that type cast­ing oper­a­tions ceased in 2008. I had know this was the case, but this is tru­ly bad news to have confirmed.

I have asked for addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion as he is will­ing to pro­vide that might flesh out some kind of report on the state of cast­ers and matri­ces. This may not be infor­ma­tion he wish­es to provide.

An inven­to­ry list was pro­vid­ed of the remain­ing stock of zinc type for book­bind­ing, and met­al types in boxed form, or wrapped fonts. The list is in Span­ish, and while I have par­tial­ly inter­pret­ed mean­ing, some clar­i­ty on num­bers has been enquired about and fur­ther infor­ma­tion will be forth­com­ing. Suf­fice to say, the quan­ti­ties are bare bones with a range of sizes from around 12 — 20pt.

That stat­ed, the types are on a Didot body (not pica), and it appears, on a Euro­pean .928″ height to paper, rather than the .918″ Amer­i­can stan­dard. I have enquired about milling to height.

See the com­ments for addi­tion­al information.


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  1. Thomas Hardjono,

    Any news about who/where the matri­ces are?



  2. Matt Kelsey,

    A large num­ber of their mats went to a Barcelona uni­ver­si­ty some years ago, in the design depart­ment, and per­haps the rest went there as well. I inquired about type sales with Señor Hart­mann in the sum­mer of 2008, pri­or to a vis­it to Barcelona; he replied that they were no longer cast­ing, had a very lim­it­ed inven­to­ry, and fur­ther would be closed for the month when I arrived two days lat­er on the first of August. 

    Sub­se­quent­ly one of the British con­trib­u­tors on Let­press hint­ed at some folks doing train­ing to use the cast­ing equip­ment from Bauer in Barcelona. 

    There are oth­er cen­tral fig­ures who might have more infor­ma­tion, such as Rich Hop­kins who orga­nizes the Amer­i­can Type­cast­ing Fel­low­ship, and James Mose­ley, with his Type­foundry blog, where he did a sur­vey of the remain­ing type­found­ing resources world­wide about five years ago.

    • Author admin,

      Today received a note back from Senior Hart­mann at Bauer in which he states:

      The rea­sons of hav­ing dis­con­tin­ued the cast­ing of met­al types are the following:

      - We had to move from a rent­ed site of 600 sqm where we main­ly had stocked mate­r­i­al for the print­ing fin­ish­ing (like wire, spi­rals etc). As we ceased sell­ing print­ing mate­ri­als and machines, we would have had to find a small loca­tion for the cast­ing. We con­sid­ered that it was not worth to do so, as our employ­ee ded­i­cat­ed to cast types was aged 64.

      - With the young gen­er­a­tion (my daugh­ter is now in charge of the busi­ness), the deci­sion was to put all the efforts in sell­ing dig­i­tal types.

      - We still have some cus­tomers who are buy­ing the fonts we have in stock, I hope we can be active in this field for some years.

      We sold the cast­ing machines and the matri­ces to Imprenta Arte­sanal in Madrid two and half years ago. It belongs to the city of Madrid and we were told that they want­ed to open a Muse­um. I do not believe they are mak­ing any progress at the time.

      I’m look­ing up infor­ma­tion on Imprenta Artesanal.

      Senior Hart­mann also men­tions Eck­hart Schu­macherGe­bler in Dres­den, but it appears at first glance that what he pos­sess­es, if not offers, is Mono­type casting.